Thursday, March 1, 2018


50 ORIENTATION ROOM. The ceiling tiles glow as the room is entered, then slowly dim. A chair will rise from the floor for each character, facing north.

After a few seconds the north wall will start to show a recorded message consisting of sound and images. A twenty-something male human in a white lab coat will greet the characters and begin to explain the level, as if the were new trainees working at the complex. It will play as if someone is following him around with a video recording device as he explains what some of the room are important for. The production has the quality of a high school science film, along with a musical soundtrack. The tone is friendly, conversational, sometimes joking, and very casual.

Some highlights:

  • The narrator enters Room 19, where several men and women are eating food. He praises the cook, an old matronly woman, who smiles and nods.
  • The narrator shows Room 47, where two muscular men in white orderly uniforms are preparing a syringe while an elf and an orc, strapped to chairs, are screaming. It should be particularly jarring when the narrator maintains his jocular attitude in the face of the imminent painful death of the two subjects.
  • In Room 22, he explains how the researchers are creating new vat creatures from samples taken from large numbers of monsters, animals, and people.
  • In Room 12, he relates that sometimes there are failures, but by extensive dissection these can be corrected.

He concludes with an instruction to "make sure to get your implants and don't forget to leave your blood and tissue samples with the red team. I know you'll enjoy your stay with us in your new home." There is no closing credits, instead showing the white on black three legged Triskelion design, with the words "A Triskelion production". The lights will then brighten again.

The viewers will get the following details from the film:

  • This level was a research facility with Valerian Triskelion as the administrator and undisputed leader.
  • Vat creatures were the primary experiments.
  • Vat creatures can survive entirely on vat media as a source of nutrition. If they consume enough of it, they can heal from almost any wound, over a matter of time.
  • The types of Trikelion vat men are featured prominently.
  • The researchers were interested in diseases and how to cure them or make them worse without magic.
  • Employees were expected to stay on the level at all times. Food and lodgings are provided.

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