Saturday, November 5, 2016


87D CAPTAIN'S CABIN. The leader of the dread skull pirates is Captain Bone Beard.

Captain Bonebeard, Chaotic Evil male dread skull Pirate (AC 7; MV 12”; F7; hp 36; #AT 1; D Scimitar of Dancing or 1-6 +3 to damage due to strength of 18/52; SA Fear, laser beam eye; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 1185)

Captain Bonebeard is the biggest bastard on board. He is feared and admired by the rest of the crew. He doesn't have a beard any more because he is a dread skull, but he stuck silver wires into his mandible and has fish vertebrae beads in them (the silver wires are worth 80 gold crescents). He is dressed much like the pirate officers in colorful clothing, but also sports a huge hat, a heavy coat, and an eye-patch over his left eye.

In combat, he likes to set Pimples, his scimitar of dancing, free. While it is fighting he can lift his eye-patch to reveal an emerald embedded in his left eye socket. From the emerald he can shoot either a beam of fear (as a wand of fear, usable once every other round) or a green laser beam (range 6”, damage 4-16) which does work even under water. The emerald is worth 5000 gold crescents and fits into the machinery in Room 87O, where it can be used to 'power up' the ship.

Pimples has the following attributes:
  • Neutral scimitar of dancing (Intelligence 8, Ego 8)
  • Detect alcoholic beverages in 100”
  • While dancing, fights as a 9th level fighter, no matter the level of its owner
  • Can speak the common language, but only profanity and insults
  • Its speech is so vexing and distracting that intelligent opponents strike at -2 on to hit rolls due to sheer consternation
  • XP Value 5,000
  • GP Value 25,000

If Captain Bonebeard hears a ruckus on the deck, he will come out to investigate. He is a pirate at heart and not necessarily interested in fighting. What he really wants is to secure a large amount of rum and treasure for his crew. Of course, if the adventurers have been attacking he will not take kindly to them.

This room is furnished as a bedroom as befits the captain of a pirate ship and has four windows. Bonebeard keeps a liquor cabinet with six partially consumed bottles of fine red wine (still worth 200 gold crescents if resold) and two decanters of cheap rum. He has a pair of silver-chased bastard swords (each worth 75 gold crescents) mounted above his bed. He has a small bookshelf but the books have become waterlogged and are all mush.


  1. I legitimately didn't expect to see an honest to goodness magical pirate ship in a dungeon before. If I may ask, were you inspired by Pirates of The Caribbean? I assume that's where the idea came from. All the same, this is a brilliant way of mixing things up in the sandbox.
    Groaning Spirit

    1. Yeah that was it a little bit with the undead pirates but it also seemed to fit organically. I like the idea of PCs hijacking the pirate ship and riding around the little salt lake, fighting monsters.