Tuesday, November 22, 2016


4 CHAPEL OF THE DAMNED. The northwest wall holds a raised altar of plain gray stone with a body recumbent upon it. Facing the altar and occupying the majority of the room are benches holding the still seated but dried corspses of dozens of men and women.

The figures on the benches are merely bodies, rigid in death, but the souls of these cultists are bound within the very walls of the chapel. When this room is intruded upon, the spiral patterns in the walls will begin to metamorphose into vague faces. From the designs will emerge gray phantoms. 1d4+1 will appear per round as long as the room is occupied by living beings, up to 35 in all.

35 Gray Phantom Restless Dead (AC 4; HD 1; hp 6 each; #AT 1 touch; D See below; SD Silver or magic weapon to hit; XP 55 each)

The touch of a gray phantom is dangerous to a living person and calls for a saving throw vs death magic. If the saving throw is failed the victim will suffer the following effect:

1d6 damage
Age 1d4 years
Drain 1 attribute point (roll 1d6, 1=strength, 2=intelligence, 3=wisdom, 4=dexterity, 5=constitution, 6=charisma)
Fear (roll 1d10, 1-3= run towards Room 3, 4-6= run towards Room 7, 7-10= paralyzed with fear) They may make another saving throw each round to try to cast off effect.
Disgust at touch of unclean thing, vomit or dry heave and may perform no other action for one round
Lucid nightmare (roll 1d10, 1-4= attack fellows believing they are undead, 5-7= believe they are a lost soul and try to enter wall, 8-10= believe they are a dried corpse and sit on bench) They may make another saving throw each round to try to cast off effect.
Slow for 1d4+2 rounds

Lost attribute points will return at the rate of 1 per hour in reverse order in which they were lost.

The figure on the altar is the shriveled gray corpse of a man with a bejeweled dagger buried in his chest. The dagger has a gold handle decorated with rubies and appears to be worth about 400 gold crescents. The dagger is cursed: it appears to be a +1 weapon, but when its owner is faced by an enemy the dagger will teleport to the character's hand and will become glued to it, forcing the owner to fight with it, where it will act as a -1 weapon. If the character tries to throw the dagger it will act akin to a backbiter spear, doing 2-5 points of damage. The dagger cannot be gotten rid of unless an exorcism is performed.

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