Monday, August 31, 2015


34 THE FEARSOME FOUNTAIN. A grand throne of black stone is placed against each of the east and west walls, while a black marble fountain is near the south wall.

The thrones are each unbearably cold and coated with a slimy black grease. Merely sitting in one of them causes 1d2 damage per round.

The fountain is decorated with the statue of a satyr with a grotesque leering face. In one hand it holds a pearl of wisdom (looks like a purple pearl worth about 1000 gold crescents). In the other it holds a metal flask from which thick viscous black oil pours into the fountain.

If the fountain is approached, an animated but featureless humanoid statue made of black ice will coalesce from the grease on each throne and attack.

2 Black Ice Statues (AC 2; MV 9”; HD 3+4; hp 16 each; #AT 1 fist; D 1d8+1 damage; SD Immune to sleep, charm, hold, poison, paralysis, cold, takes double damage from fire-based attacks; Size M; XP 141 each)

If the pearl is retrieved the satyr will animate and attack. It has no pipes but is otherwise like any other satyr, except for an alignment of chaotic evil.

Dark Satyr (AC 5; MV 18”; HD 5; hp 20; #AT 1 head butt; D 2d4; SD Surprised only on a 1; MR 50%; XP 380)

The oil is useful for burning oil (as a weapon) or as lamp oil and there is enough to fill two hundred flasks.

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