Thursday, August 6, 2015


9 THE ENTOMBED. The ceiling height is twelve feet and the room is illuminated by a creepy gray chandelier throwing off a harsh pale light. The floor is loose earth and forty five human corpses are buried below with only their desiccated hands extending above. Three of these will animate as leaden zombies and will climb out from their imprisonment.

3 Leaden Zombies (AC 6; MV 6"; HD 4; hp 17, 11, 20; #AT 1; D 1-10; SA Always lose initiative; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 128, 104, 140)

The chandelier is cursed, and is the source of the zombies animation. Its glow can be extinguished by an exorcism, having its five candles snuffed out using holy water, or by any method which the party tries which the Dungeon Master agrees will work. Otherwise it will continue to animate 1d4 leaden zombies each time the room is entered until it runs out of corpses. The toughest zombie from the first group animated wears a belt of protection +1 (as a ring of the same name), but none of the others has anything of value.

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