Monday, January 26, 2015


47 MARCOH'S LABORATORY. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. This was the laboratory of Marcoh Triskelion the entomologist. There are three work benches. A bookcase is against the north wall and there is an adjacent display case. Against the west wall is a fireplace. Three glass globes with the continual light spell are suspended from the ceiling. There are three stained glass windows in the north wall depicting an ant, a beetle, and a locust. The walls are paneled in dark fragrant wood.

The first work bench holds glass jars containing multitudes of dead insects, both domestic and exotic.

The next work bench holds small surgical tools and a pair of eyes of minute seeing. On the underside of the tabletop of this work bench is a tiny lever which will open the secret door to Room 33 of the Ground Level. Marcoh had this secret door built into the east wall so he would have easy access to the reference works in the library. Anyone going through this secret door will find that they are thirty six feet above the floor and it is a difficult climb down unless one of the mobile ladders is in the correct position.

The last work bench holds stoppered funnels and several unlabeled jars, each holding a different colored fluid. All of these are paralytics for use on small creatures such as insects, but will only cause localized numbness if tested by an adventurer.

The bookcase near the north wall holds numerous books about insects. This collection is not particularly valuable, but a sage with interest in the field might be willing to pay up to 25 gold crescents for the lot.

The display case contains hundreds of dried insects pinned to cork boards under glass.

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