Saturday, January 24, 2015


This magic ink appears as a thick, almost syrupy liquid resembling quicksilver (liquid mercury). There is usually enough ink for 2-5 (1d4+1) applications. It can be used to improve things or deceive. Its uses include the following:

  • Scrolls written using the ink function as if they were two levels higher when cast, and have no chance of scroll writing failure.
  • It may be used in lieu of a diamond for a glyph of warding, and such a glyph works as if it were cast by a cleric of two levels higher than the actual caster.
  • It may be used instead of the normal material components for illusionary script or any symbol spell.
  • It may be used as the only necessary material component for inscribing a spell into a spellbook using the write spell, and the attempt will always succeed.
  • If the ink is spilled on a magic item with a '+' value (sword, ring of protection, etc.), it improves the item to the next higher values for a period of 1 to 6 turns. Thus a sword + 1, +4 versus reptiles would become a sword +2, +5 versus reptiles.
  • Forgeries made with the ink are virtually undetectable, as the ink reflects what the reader expects to see rather than what the inscriber actually wrote. This forgery can still be undone by magical means including a gem of seeing or a true seeing spell.
  • If ingested, it is a deadly poison, save or die.


GP VALUE: 2,500

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  1. love the item, definitely stealing this one to my collection.
    Groaning Spirit