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16 LOCKED ROOM. The door to this room is locked. This room is the home of Vicenne Triskelion's mistress, Marietta.

Marietta, Neutral Evil female half elf assassin (AC 8; MV 12”; A3; hp 13; #AT 1; D silver dagger; S 10, I 14, W 16, D 16, C 10, CH 16; XP 137)

Thief skills
PP 40%, OL 30% F/RT 20% MS 15% HS 15% HN 10% CW 85% RL -

Marietta wears a long red nightgown and carries a concealed silver dagger on the inside of her left thigh. She wears silver earrings worth 15 gold crescents each and a silver ankle bracelet worth the same. She also has the key to the lock on the room.

She will not initiate combat and will claim that she is being kept here against her will. In a way, this is true. Marietta is beginning to tire of Vicenne's dream of remaking the Triskelion family fortune. She will try to get the best out of her situation and will likely ask the adventurers to escort her from the castle. She will not go out of her way to help the characters (such as helping them find the hidden trapdoor), but she will not turn on them, either, unless her options are extremely limited.

The room is appointed in crimson and has ivory carpets and draperies. There is a ten foot ceiling. There is a luxurious bed and a wardrobe containing elegant female clothing (valued at 225 gold crescents for the whole collection). The room is lit by candlelight. A dresser, a mirror, and a nightstand complete the furnishings. While the other rooms are carved stone, this room is paneled in teak and has a solid wood floor.

The trapdoor is concealed beneath the bed, which must be moved out of the way to access it. In this case, it is a simple wooden hinged door with a wooden ladder below. It goes down ten feet to Area 23 of The Sewers.

Marietta has a silver jewelry box worth 40 gold crescents. It contains four silver earrings worth 5 gold crescents each, a silver medallion worth 20 gold crescents, a gold chain worth 30 gold crescents, and a pearl necklace worth 55 gold crescents.

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