Tuesday, April 18, 2017


21C MYSTERIOUS ISLAND KITCHEN. Hole number 1 drops the faller about twenty feet, into a pot of hot soup being prepared by a gnome. Damage is 1d4+1 from the fall and heat.

Nobbler Nickelnees, Neutral Good male gnome Fighter (AC 7; MV 6”; F3; hp 17, #AT 1; D Hand axe of Helping; S 12, I 7, W 5, D 13, C 16, Ch 10; XP 128)

Nobbler is not particularly imaginative and has almost given up hope of escaping this complex. He will welcome visitors and will expect them to help him escape.

The room is a kitchen and holds all items that would expected of such. When Nobbler fell in here there was a fair supply of food and firewood, but now almost nothing is left. Nobbler has 3 gold mabans, 14 silver khurams, and 24 copper ganes in a pouch in one cabinet. He has visited the Bubble Machine Room , but has no gold crescents to operate it. He will no go further due to the ghouls and he can't leave via the exit without a bubble.

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