Monday, April 17, 2017


21C MYSTERIOUS ISLAND. The thick green shag of grass on this island reaches above the ankles on a man. It is infested with normal ticks. The island is shaped like a hill, reaching fifteen feet above the water level at its highest point. A covered well is clearly visible near the summit.

Small white flowers in the grass exude a hallucinatory perfume. Each character must save versus poison. Those who fail will think they see footsteps moving in the grass, as if an invisible person was walking along. These will tend to guide people towards the holes numbered 1 to 4 on the map. These holes are each about three feet wide but the thick grass conceals them to a great degree. A person in the vicinity of one of these holes will fall through on a 1-2 in 6. If they are being led by phantom footprints the risk goes up to 1-5 in 6. The distance of each fall is covered in the appropriate section in each room below.

Any person who has unprotected skin that is exposed to the grass has a chance of contracting a disease due to the ticks, see page 13 of the Dungeon Master's Guide. If the tick is found and removed within 12 hours, the roll can be ignored.

The covered well is about five feet square. There is a bucket and winch. A person may climb down the well in order to reach the underground complex beneath the island. Under the island there is a complex of rooms, its floor about ten feet below water level.

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