Wednesday, October 26, 2016


86E HORRID GARDEN. This long room holds hideous appearing nightmarish flowers of odious colors and shapes which writhe about suggestively and which smell of unwholesome and foul musks (occupying the gray area to the north). They are unnatural, dwelling underground, and living exclusively off of spilled blood brought to them by froglodytes.

All adventurers, even evil ones, will feel uncomfortable in this room, but druids are especially susceptible to the foul nature of the place. Each round that they spend in the room, they must save vs spells or they will attack at -3 due to their revulsion.

If the adventurers attempt to cross the room, the plants will amalgamate into a large bush-like mass. The flowers have oddly human-like mouths in the center of their fleshy petals. The mass will attack like on organism, draining blood as a giant weasel. The mass can also pull its roots out and slither if it needs to.

Terrible Flower Amalgam (AC 6; MV 1”; HD 8+3; hp 32; #AT 1 bite; D 2-12; SA Drain blood; SD Limited spell immunity; Size L; XP 1284)

The plant is subject to spells which affect plants (such as charm plant) but it is immune to spells which target persons or monsters (charm person, sleep, hold monster, etc.) It takes full damage from fire and cold, but half damage from lightning attacks.

There is the corpse of an unlucky froglodyte hidden in the plant mass, drained of blood. It wears a silver and gold braided torc worth 250 gold crescents.

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