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67 CELLAR LAIR OF SERSAY THE WITCH. This room can be reached from the descending stairs from Room 63. It is located about fifteen feet below the ground level of the Black Tower.

This is the lair of Sersay the witch. She is actually an ogre mage who has used her intrinsic polymorph ability to appear as a beautiful young human woman.

Sersay the Ogre Mage (AC 4; MV 9”/15”; HD 5+2; hp 27; #AT 1; D By weapon type +3 to damage due to strength; SA Magic & spell use; SD Regeneration; XP 1062)

Sersay has the magic item the wand of three virtues with 13 charges. She also carries a dagger +2, +4 vs fish, amphibians, and reptiles. She prefers to use the wand or her spell-like abilities to fight.

She is served by a human assassin with the face of a starfish.

Fritzell the Fantastic, Lawful Evil male human Assassin (AC 7; MV 12”; A6; hp 23; #AT 1; D Long sword of venom; S 14, I 12, W 9, D 15, C 11, Ch 3; XP 534)

Thief skills: PP 45%, OL 37% F/RT 45% MS 33% HS 25% HN 15% CW 88% RL 20%

Fritzell is another polymorphed servant of Sersay. He is serving her out of hope he will be released from his shape if he follows her commands faithfully.

He is armed with a long sword of venom and wears leather armor.

The Area marked 'A' is a membrane that allows a person to enter the salt mere below the water. It is located at the Area marked '67A' on the main map of the level.

Sersay has three chests. One holds gold nuggets (1987 gold crescents worth). The next has seven pearls. Six are base 500 gold crescent value and one is actually a lodestone. The third chest holds seashells rimmed with silver (211 gold crescents worth). 


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