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12 THE OBSERVATORY. This round room is located above the others in the roof-space. The main features of the room are a huge telescope and a four large brass orreries. To either side of the body of the telescope is a large painting at sites 'F' and 'G'. The roof is domed.

When the party teleports to this room, it will be rotated, so they will not necessarily be facing in the same direction (east) as they were when they stepped onto the symbol in Area 11.

The structure of the telescope is mechanically shielded to keep out the rain, but there is an opening through which it is possible for wandering monsters to enter (especially the flying types). When the adventurers are teleported into the room, the telescope will already be focused on an object in the sky. Those looking into the scope will see the following (roll for each visit to the room):

A space dragon, it appears to dwarf a planet which is in view in front of it.
A cloud castle, giant-sized but human-shaped figures can be seen moving about.
A red and brown planet, it has an gigantic moon-sized eyeball and is looking back at you.
A fortress on the surface of the moon. Hideous black-furred creatures are crawling about its walls.
Shimmering lights in the sky. Aurora Borealis.
A great thunderhead cloud, its front looks like a huge face blowing fierce wind.
An asteroid pockmarked with holes. Tremendous squirming gray worms emerge at odd intervals from the holes.
A volley of shooting stars.
Vaguely insect-like flying creatures carrying rectangular metal boxes.
A ghostly ship sailing in the sky.
Playful sylphs dancing high in the atmosphere.
The sun, salamanders can be seen on its surface.

The telescope can be moved along a single axis (up-down movement) by a crank mechanism on the floor next to the scope. Rotation is provided by a lever on the wall (Labeled 'E' on the map), which actually rotates the entire room clockwise, causing a very loud grinding sound and calling for an immediate wandering monsters check. Focusing is performed by gears located on the side of the scope.

Each orrery shows one or more stars and several orbiting planets and moons. All are in active motion, with the planets, moons, and even stars moving in their own orbits, rotating, or revolving. Each orrery is in a slightly different style, but they are all labeled:

Orbis Demonicum
A triple star system with numerous planets and moons
A large orange star with six gas giants and many moons
Pumilio Albus
A small white star with three orbiting planetoids
Solis Solarum
A yellow star with nine planets and numerous moons

The fourth planet of the fourth orrery is not actually attached to the structure, but is a deep red spherical ioun stone. It orbits the star of the orrery in the same way it would orbit its owner's head, and it may be claimed in the same fashion.

The two large paintings at 'F' and 'G' extend from the floor to the ceiling, tapering to a point as they reach the apex of the dome.

The painting at site F shows the cratered surface of a planet, moon, or planetoid. A person who touches the painting will feel drawn into the painting. This is a portal to The Pyramid of the Geds, see the level described separately. Those making the journey will arrive at Site 3.

The painting at site G is a starry sky. There is no harm from looking at it, but if it is touched, the consciousness of the person who interacts with it is sucked into the painting. The individual experiences thousands to millions of years passage of time in just an moment. They see the coalescence of stars from cosmic dust and their death as supernovae and black holes. The effect is that of a short range psionic blast attack upon a non-psionic creature (see Dungeon Master's Guide page 78). The effect is similar, but it is not exactly the same as a psionic attack, so it may not be resisted psionically.

Stepping back on the thaumaturgic triangle in the center of the room will teleport the individual back to Area 11.

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