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1 ROOM OF THE HUMOURS. This room has walls of dressed stone and no windows. Four continual light globes are suspended from the ceiling. The floor supports four large fountains and four man-sized statues.

To the northwest is the statue of a short and heavy set man with a overlarge round domed forehead and puffy cheeks. His hair is sparse and long. He has a thoughtful look about him. The associated fountain contains thick green liquid. This represents the phlegmatic attitude, and drinking any of the green liquid will put the imbiber into a calm and thoughtful mood. They will immediately become extremely focused for the next 7 to 12 (1d6+6) hours. It has the following effects:

  • Any actions taken (thief functions, to hit rolls, attempts to turn undead, etc.) may be rolled twice and the most beneficial one of the two may be chosen by the character.
  • Spell casters benefiting from the drink may immediately relearn spells without need for rest, and do so twice as quickly as is usual, see Dungeon Master's Guide, page 40 for the relevant times required. Even if the spell caster is interrupted (for example, by a wandering monster), they will still be able to focus on relearning the spell, although they will not be able to indulge in combat while doing so.
  • This beverage can be sampled but once per year per character safely. One additional drink will cause the character to make a save vs poison or faint for 1d4+4 rounds as their heartbeat slows considerably (bradycardia) and there will be no additional game related benefits. Additional drinks taken after this require a save vs poison to avoid death by immediate cardiac arrest.

To the northeast is the statue of a man of medium build with a receding wrinkled forehead that is strangely flat. He has a large nose and an unpleasant expression. His hair is somewhat short and unruly. The associated fountain contains thick yellow liquid. This represents the choleric attitude. Anyone that drinks this liquid will feel irritable and cranky for 7 to 12 (1d6+1) hours and have the following symptoms.

  • They will make insulting remarks and be rude.
  • Spellcasters drinking this liquid will be unable to learn new spells during this time, as they can not summon the necessary frame of mind. Casting spells is not affected.
  • Thieves, bards, monks, and assassins under the influence of this magic lose 10% from all thief functions and other percentage based skills used by any class are similarly affected.
  • Combat is at -2 on “to hit” rolls.
  • Additional drinks cause vomiting and loss of 1d4 hit points.

To the southeast is the statue of a woman in the prime of life. She has a pleasant expression and long full hair. The associated fountain contains red liquid. This represents the sanguine attitude and drinking from this fountain will cause an increase in confidence for 7 to 12 (1d6+6) hours. It has the following game effects:

  • The immediate gain of three to ten (1d8+2) hit points. These represent 'bonus' hit points, and will be the first to be lost, although they will stay with the character until injured.
  • All saving throws made at this time are at +1.
  • The drinker need not check morale for the allotted time.
  • Drinking again within one year will cause an unsafe rise in blood pressure (hypertension) with no associated benefits. Each time the drink is sampled after the first, the character must save vs poison or suffer 1d4 points of damage from internal bleeding.

To the southwest is the statue of a crone with a wrinkled forehead that is remarkably domed. She has sunken cheeks and a sour expression. The associated fountain contains black liquid. This represents the melancholic attitude. Drinking from this fountain causes a sense of deep depression for 7 to 12 (1d6+6) hours.

  • A successful saving throw vs spells will allow the drinker to go about their normal tasks, albeit with a poor expectation of success. Their “to hit” rolls and armor class are poorer by a 1. Spellcasters will cast their spells as though one level lower than they actually are, or, if first level, they may not cast at all.
  • If the saving throw is failed, the drinker becomes so depressed that they must stay in this room sitting on the floor in a fetal position (or be carried). However, they will get another saving throw every hour, and if they pass it then, they will go about with poor expectations, as above, until the magic wears off.
  • Additional drinks will cause immediate catatonia (see Dungeon Master's Guide page 84) for 1d6+2 days.

All of the magic drinks may be bottled and taken, but turn to normal water 1d4+1 hours after leaving the room.

The secret door to Room 11 is activated by a simple pressure plate on the wall near the floor. Pushing it (or kicking it) causes the wall to separate in the middle and each side will recede into the adjacent part of the wall with a 'whoosh' sound.

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