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53 GUEST ROOM. The door to this room is painted dark blue and is locked. The floor and furniture is covered with a thick layer of dust. In the center of the room is a wooden chest with a skeletal figure perched above it. A bed with blue sheets is here, along with two shuttered windows in the south wall. The walls are painted medium blue.

The skeleton wears rotting black padded armor and 3 copper pieces are hidden in its left boot. The cause of death appears to be a dart to the face. A set of worn thieves' tools lies spread open next to the deceased.

The chest is large, about 3' by 2½' wide and 2' tall. It has been partly pried open by a pry-bar, apparently setting off the dart trap. What is not obvious is a second dart tap that will go off if the lid is completely lifted. It will attack the opener as if launched by a 5th level thief and do 1d4+1 points of damage on a successful strike. It is poisoned and if the victim fails a save versus poison, he or she will suffer an additional 2d4 points of damage.

When the chest is opened, a secret ladder can be seen inside descending into darkness. The chest can be moved or even picked up, and the bottom will be quite evident. Nevertheless, there is a ladder still. It is clearly a magical effect and the chest will detect as magic. A dispel magic spell cast upon the chest may ruin the chest, but it should be treated as spell effect of 20th level. The chest may also be destroyed physically, but doing so releases the magical energies of the object and it will explode, causing 2d12 points of damage to anyone within ten feet.

If the characters descend the ladder, they will note that it goes down about seventy feet. The walls are of a slimy green stone and the air smells like mold and mud. At the bottom (Area A on the map) is a corridor lit by glowing green torches. The passage branches after about forty feet.

If the characters make a right turn and head towards Area B, they will detect light if it is daytime outside. They will also detect the smell of garbage and offal. Area B is at the bottom of an old well in one of the slums in the city of Sarcoy, or the campaign city of the DM. The locals have been throwing their garbage down here for generations. It is about a one hundred and twenty foot climb to the well and the stone should be treated as ' smooth but cracked – somewhat rough' for thieves, etc. attempting to climb up and out.

At Area C, there is a door made of green metal. No doorknob or locking mechanism can be found. In a niche in the right wall, there is a miniature green metal gong and striker. The door should be treated as "magically held" for purposes of strength attempts. It can be open by knock spell or by striking the gong with the striker, which releases a horrific noise and will deafen all within 20 feet for 1d4 turns unless they make a saving throw versus petrification.

Area D is a large room, again lit by the strange green fire. In the center of the room is a green stone sarcophagus (8'X6'X4' tall) surrounded by 4 glowing green skeletons, each holding two green metal scimitars.

4 Glowing Green Skeletons (AC 5; MV 12"; HD 3; hp 12, 14, 18, 17; #AT 2; D Scimitar; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 86, 92, 104, 101)

The skeletons may be affected as a 'Special' undead creature for purposes of turning.

It requires a bend bars/lift gates roll to remove the sarcophagus lid. Within is another green skeleton similar to the above but with four arms and four scimitars.

Glowing Green Boss Skeleton (AC 4; MV 12"; HD 4; hp 21; #AT 4; D Scimitar; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 194)

It wears a jade and silver pendant worth 1500 gold crescents. Each of the scimitars is well-made and never needs to be sharpened. They are each worth five to ten times the going rate for such a weapon.

There are four statues in the room, each expertly carved from green stone.

Left Near: This statue depicts a laughing man with a staff in one hand and a glass of cloudy white liquid in the other. He is wearing the garment typical of such statues, a skirt-like garment, bare chest, and Phrygian style cap. Unlike the tripartite statue found in Room 5 of the Ground Level, it has two legs and two arms. There is enough liquid for one sip and drinking it requires the drinker to save versus spells at -6 or fall asleep for 1d4+1 days, unable to be awakened except for a remove curse or dispel magic spell.

Left Far: This statue depicts a crying man with a sword in one hand and a glass or red liquid in the other. It is similar to the one described above in terms of dress. As above, there is enough liquid for one sip. The liquid is fine red wine and drinking it heals the imbiber to maximum hit points. If the drinker is already at maximum hit points, he or she will instead be able to ignore the next 10 hit points of damage suffered.

Right Near: This is a beautiful maiden holding a glass pitcher with a single sip of clear liquid. The person drinking the liquid will immediately gain 1 point of charisma permanently.

Right Far: This is another statue depicting a man. In this case the face is scowling and the figure holds a ninetailed whip in one hand and a glass of green liquid in the other. The dress is similar to the other male statues. As above, there is enough drink for only one sip. The stuff is poison. Anyone who consumes the stuff will suffer 2d6 points of damage if they make their saving throw. Double that if they fail.

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