Monday, January 27, 2014


50 GUEST ROOM. The door to this room is blood red and is capable of being locked, but is not. A white sign with red letters is pinned to the door. It reads “bewair the Trol”.

This is actually a talon goblin prank. There is a figure is seated inside the room and its huge shape is gaunt and oddly proportioned like that of a troll. It is actually a crude mannequin, but there is a 80% chance each party member will suspect it is a real troll if the party has a dim light source. For the purposes of infravision, note that the dummy has no heat source. Recall that torches, lanterns, etc. will ruin infravision for this purpose.

The dummy has a carrot for a nose and two pieces of coal for eyes. Its flesh is made of blankets wrapped around a wooden frame. Copious amounts of green paint have been applied, giving it a warty texture.

The walls are painted red. There is a bed which is decorated with red sheets. A can of green paint and a brush are hidden under it. A footlocker holds twenty seven feet of strong red cord and a jar of raisins. There are two windows, but their shutters are closed.

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