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54 MANSERVANTS' CHAMBER. When this room is entered, the party will see a glowing transparent man. This is one of the restless dead. In life he was Santiago Triskelion, a large, fit man with short hair and a huge mustache.

Santiago Triskelion, Restless Dead (AC 0; MV 12"; HD 4; hp 18; #AT 1 touch; D 1-4; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 182)

He appears to be dressed in fine clothes and wears boots and a large coat. In reality, the clothes and the dead man are both nebulous in nature. Santiago cannot be turned while in this room, but he can be exorcised. He has normal undead immunities to cold, sleep, charm, and hold. If he is forced to he can attack with a chilling touch, doing 1-4 points of damage, but he will not initiate combat.

A labeled portrait of Santiago sits over a mantle of the fireplace in the east wall. This room also contains three dark green couches and several small coffee tables and end-tables. It was the leisure area for the various valets and butlers who lived in the outer ward. The walls are covered with blue and green vertically striped wallpaper. This large dark room was once lit by three large candelabra, but the ghostly glow given off by Santiago is now enough to light it.

Santiago is upset because his picture has been moved to this room. He is not aggressive, but instead he will ask that the adventurers move his portrait to Room 32, where it originally hung. He is unable to perform the task himself because he is only semi-material. If the adventurer's agree to help him he will pull a silver whistle out of his pocket. This is a real material whistle and when it is blown it will summon Santiago's ghostly hound. It is transparent and glowing, like Santiago, but can attack and be attacked normally.

Santiago's Hound (AC 6; MV 12"; HD 2+2; hp 18; #AT 1 bite; D 2-8; XP 89)

If the adventurers are willing, the hound will accompany them to Room 32, acting as a guide if necessary. It will fight for the adventurers if the circumstances arise, and it will accompany the party on their way back to this room. The hound's preferred route is through Rooms 43, 35, 34, and then to 32. If they take this route, they will meet the hobgoblins and half-elf in Room 43, unless the adventurers have already dealt with this encounter.

If they comply and return, he will reward them with the silver whistle before he disappears. The whistle can be sold and will be worth 300 gold pieces. However, if the adventurers keep the whistle, it can be used to summon the hound, who will then fight for the adventurers one time. If it reduced to 0 hit points, or in any case when the combat is over, the hound and whistle will vanish forever. Helping Santiago also gives the adventurers each a one-time 300 point bonus to experience points.

All the monsters on this level avoid this room because they are afraid of the occupants and there will be no wandering monster checks here.

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