Monday, June 30, 2014

Actual game play in Quasqueton Part 1

A few weeks ago my daughters, ages 8 and 9, made some player characters and I took them through B1 In Search of the Unknown, using Advanced D&D rules. The older was a half elf fighter/ magic-user named Iseult and her sister made an elf magic-user named Athena. They named their own characters and choose pictures for them, which I copied and pasted onto their character sheets. The characters were rolled using the 4d6 drop lowest method. Their starting spells were selected randomly using the DMG guidelines. Iseult had a magic missile spell and Athena had a sleep spell (which she never used, more on that later).

They were joined by a human cleric named Garmand, a human fighter named Ahlo and Krago of the Mountains, a dwarf fighter. These were taken from the NPCs at the back of B1, modified very slightly. Ahlo's grandpa had helped Rogahn and Zelligar build the complex, but was sworn to secrecy and actually kept his oath. When he died, Ahlo was his only remaining relative and inherited his grandfather's possessions, including a map to the complex. Ahlo and the other NPCs, realizing what a potential fortune they had, decided to explore the complex, but they decided they needed magic-using help. Enter Iseult and Athena.

After an uneventful journey to the dungeon, they were a little freaked out at the magic mouths and Iseult almost used her magic missle on them. They then journeyed to Room 3, the dining room and found a giant tick, which they were able to kill without incident. They went to Room 4 and then through Room 2 without encountering monsters, but as they emerged from the north door of Room 2, they met 3 berserkers. After a quick skirmish and the magic missile spell, the berserkers were all dead and Garmand suffered a minor wound.

Just by walking by, the elf discovered the secret door to Room 11. When they opened the door they were confronted by a giant white ape sporting a single horn in its forehead. After a brief fight, Krago was injured and Iseult issued the finishing blow on the ape with her sword through its chest. It promptly turned to grey ash and left a mysterious key on her sword. They found an ivory scroll case with a spell scroll as its treasure.

They then traveled south and came to Room 22, the garden room. Ahlo was savagely struck by a bizarre pumpkin tentacle monster, but they were able to kill it after a fight. Garmand then used his cure light wounds on Ahlo, who was down to 1 hit point.

They explored Room 21, and spent a lot of time searching for secret doors. So much so, that a wandering monster roll was indicated and several orcs came through the door. This would have been a perfect time for Athena to use her spell, but she was being very conservative and didn't cast it. They got through the fight with Athena receiving a minor wound.

After this they decided enough was enough. Only Ahlo and Iseult had full hit points and they probably couldn't take another battle without losing a member. They got out of the place without any more fights and made it back to town. Here they split the loot, along the way they had collected a sapphire and a sack of platinum pieces, as well as looting the bodies of the dead berserkers and orcs. Including all experience, even with +10% bonuses for high ability scores, Athena was about half way to second level. Iseult, being double classed, was even farther away. I think they liked it and want to play again.

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