Monday, June 9, 2014


29 VAULT. This room has walls of stone and paved stone floors. The bankers and paymasters kept a significant amount of wealth here, most of it belonging to other people. The following items can be found (assume currency is Sarcoy unless otherwise described):

  • Locked wooden chest labeled with Triskelion seal (the paymaster's chest)
Small sack with 75 gold crescents
Small sack with 198 silver spanners
3 large sacks with total of 2325 copper pieces

  • Silver Coffer valued at 75 gold crescents
210 Poict copper real pennies
14 Poict silver pannisters
6 Poict gold stars
Gem (banded agate, 10 gold crescents)
Gem (zircon, 50 gold crescents)
Silver bracelet with face-of-vampire design (110 gold crescents)

  • Cherry wood musical instrument case
Lyre of building
Small silk purse with 13 Sealean copper zithers and 2 Sealean gold harps

  • Fancy iron box valued at 15 gold crescents
242 copper pieces
179 silver spanners
81 gold crescents 

  • Locked wooden chest with poison needle (giant spider venom, save or die)
Two potions of healing (blue with taste of apple-cinnamon)
Three empty leather scroll cases
Three gems (star rose quartz, 50 gold crescents each)
Periapt of wound closure (looks like star rose quartz , with an apparent value of 50 gold crescents)

  • Locked metal strongbox marked by insignia of a crown
12 Jalluxian copper galleons
217 Jalluxian silver stars
7 Jalluxian gold dragons
4 Jalluxian platinum imperials
Jade and gold necklace (700 gold crescent value)

  • Small thin wood box
Wand of magic detection (metal and wood, 1¼' long and slender, 64 charges, trigger word is “Detekto Majeeko”, written on side)

  • Locked heavy wooden box
Three fine vellum scrolls (5 gold crescents each)
Carved ivory scroll tube (worth 30 gold crescents)
1 bottle of Moraxo's magnificent brown ink
Green felt bag holding 10 Sarcoy gold crescents and 17 Fribourg gold griffons

  • Large wooden chest
215 gold crescents
4 wooden sculptures of boars (valued at 20 gold crescents each)

  • Locked small iron box
435 silver spanners

  • A suit of antique bronze plate mail armor (valued at 300 gold crescents)

  • Small wood box marked by the letter 'L'
Three pounds of exotic spice wrapped in crumbling leaves (33 gold crescents)

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