Sunday, June 8, 2014


28 BANK. Purple carpets run the length of the room. In the center of the floor is a large cast iron safe lying on its side with its door ripped off. There are two wooden desks with chairs and a massive bookcase is against the east wall.

Anyone examining the ruined safe will realize that it took incredible strength to rip the door off. It is actually only a 'dummy safe'. The real valuables are kept in Room 29.

Each of the desks has drawers containing paper, inkwells, and quills. The bookcase holds bank ledgers.

The door to Room 29 is a locked secret door disguised as a partition of the wall. If it is found, it will open easily if the paymaster's key is used (see Outer Ward Second Floor Room 13). Otherwise, normal chances to force this locked door are cut in half, as it is specially reinforced. It will, of course, open to a knock spell or similar magic.

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