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The Bourgers have three kinds of coins. All three have the king's or queen's head on the head aspect.  The golden coin has a griffon on the tail side while the silver coin has a lion and the copper piece has a jackal.


The lords of Poictsym produce three types of coins.  The golden crown depicts the face of a beautiful youth wearing an ornate crown on one aspect and an eagle holding a fish on the other.  The silver pannister shows a stag on one side and a flower on the other.  The copper real penny shows an 'X' on one side and has a wavy line on the other.


In Seals three kinds of coins are minted.  The gold coin is known as a harp, and shows that instrument on one side. A maiden holding a basket is on the other.  The silver lute coin depicts a lute with a rooster on the reverse.  The copper zither shows a zither on one side and a fruit tree on the reverse.


The Emperors of old produced four kinds of coins.  With the fall of the empire these are no longer in production, but they are still accepted in every nearby city.  The platinum imperial shows the profile of the emperor on the head aspect and a sword through a crown on the tails side.  The golden dragon has a dragon on one side and crossed swords on the other.  The silver star has a stylized star on both sides.  The copper galleon features a ship on one side and a scimitar on the other.

Again, I submit these coins only for flavor purposes.  If you don't desire this level of detail in your campaign, please feel free to ignore them. 

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