Sunday, June 29, 2014


49 CONFERENCE ROOM. The room is dominated by a long rectangular table with seating for thirty five. There are three large paintings against the east wall and six large windows in the west wall.

The first painting depicts a hunt in a forest and is labeled “Cythera”. The next is a naval battle scene and is labeled “The Battle of Rovia”. The third is labeled “Pikesglove” and shows a fortress being constructed. Pikesglove and Cythera are holdings which used to belong to the Triskelion family and the Battle of Rovia was won by the prominent Admiral Carlesimo Triskelion.

The lower portion of each window is plain glass while the upper portion is arched and made of stained glass with the following symbols from north to south: key, lion, tower, crown, flower, and sickle.

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