Sunday, June 22, 2014


42 ELEGANT ROOM. The floor of this room is tiled in striking aquamarine and deep sea blue in a checkerboard pattern, with a gold-painted border around each tile. The walls are coral in color with paintings of sea-scenes. Hanging from the ceiling are four cords, one near each corner, three of which hold spheres which give off light. The are five small but ornate tables.

From three of the cords are suspended crystal spheres with continuous light spells cast upon them (each is 35 gp weight). The cord in the southwest corner has has its crystal ripped free and it is nowhere to be found.

Each table has long legs and stands chest high. The legs are of a metallic green material and each table has a round top which is decorated by tiles and shells. This room was for entertainment and the tables were used to rest cocktails upon.

The door to Room 39 should be treated as concealed from this side, its seams cleverly fitting into the seascape design.

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