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31 GNOME SIZED ROOM. The green wooden door to the corridor leading to this room is only four feet high and is locked. The corridor leading to this room has a set of stairs which ascend fifteen feet, but the ceiling does not change, meaning the northern portion of the corridor and the room have a ceiling height of only five feet.

There is a small table against the east wall and wooden chest is against the north wall. A small but tidy bed is in the northwest corner. Beside it is a another simple wooden table. A small bookcase is near the south wall. The room is paneled in oak and features seven painted portraits of male and female gnomes.

The east table holds a black leather bag with a Triskelion crest. It holds 4 gold crescents.

The wooden chest near the north wall is locked. It holds a glass vial labeled “gem oil” and dwarfish coinage: 2 gold mabans, 6 electrum lugdushes, 17 silver khurams and 44 copper ganes. The vial holds a special clear viscid oil, which, if applied to any gem (except pearls) causes it to temporarily glow with a peculiar but beautiful luster. Following the application, roll 1d4 on the following table to determine how the gem increases in value:

There are four applications remaining.

The table next to the bed holds the following carved wooden items: a bowl, a spoon, a knife, a fork, a plate, and a cup. Each is decorated with fanciful figures of woodland wildlife. Also on the table is a hooded lantern and six vials of lamp oil.

The bookcase holds four books detailing the jewelry trade. It will take one month of game time to learn the lessons that the books can teach, along with access to appropriate equipment. At the end of this time the person must roll on Intelligence Table II of the Players Handbook, page 10, as if they were a magic user attempting to use a spell. Those who succeed will gain the abilities of a jeweler-gemcutter at random % rolls for each skill (see DMG page 30). Racial modifiers will apply, so a dwarf will get a 20% bonus to both rolls while a gnome will get a 30% bonus to the gemcutting roll only. Anyone who already have these skills will gain a bonus on 1d6% in each skill area, if they succeed in their roll. The books, as a set, have a possible retail value of up to 5000 gold crescents, depending on where the characters try to sell them (more money in a large wealthy city).

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