Tuesday, June 17, 2014


37 ENTRANCE TO THE DUNGEONS. The archway above the entrance to the room is decorated with the following saying on its keystone “Abandon all hesitation you who enter. In this place cowardice must be ended”.

The room is always deathly quiet and any sounds made by the characters will appear muted and unnatural, as if intruding on a sacred silence.

The keystone above the arch to the north stairwell is marked with the number “1”. The stairs lead down forty feet to Area 1 of Level 1 of the Upper Dungeons.

The keystone above the south stairwell is marked “2”. It leads down sixty feet to Room 1 of Level 2 of the Upper Dungeons. A scything blade trap is present about twenty five feet down. It has a 30% chance of activating each time the stairway is traversed. It will attack the first person in the marching order as if it was a 10th level fighter, the blade doing 3-12 points of damage on a successful strike. It resets itself after an hour. The trap is triggered by a pressure plate in one of the stairs and can be bypassed by avoiding stepping on that stair.

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