Tuesday, July 1, 2014


51 RETIRING ROOM. This room functioned as a place to rest and relax for members of the Triskelion family between visits to the throne room. The hallway adjacent to this room is decorated with paintings of forest animals (deer, wolves, bears, boars, birds, etc.)

The room is decorated with comfortable couches and chairs and numerous tables. A fireplace is against the east wall. The room is carpeted in a deep burgundy and the walls contain many shelves holding knickknacks. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

Searching the shelves will reveal numerous exotic and mundane items such as funeral urns, a set of dry test tubes on a wooden rack, statues of gods and demons, pipes, mounted and stuffed fish and game animals, and scale models of ships and buildings. There is one stopped container containing bubbling blue liquid, labeled “potion of mind reading”. It is a potion of ESP.

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