Sunday, February 2, 2014

Enchanted Garden Wandering Monsters.

Normal wandering monsters will not be found here. Instead encounters are as follows:

Random Encounters

Mad Billiam (65%) or Chauncy (35%)
Malphaim Hedzel
Mysterious Picnic
Stray Sods
Tiny Unicorn
Topiary Animals

Bees: This is a small swarm of normal bees from Area 56N out collecting nectar and pollinating flowers. They are not aggressive unless provoked.

Leprechaun: This is Jef the Leprechaun from Area 56L. He will be carrying his sack. If the DM does not desire that the characters run into Jef at this time, treat this encounter as Bees instead.

Mad Billiam or Chauncy: From Room 52, they will never both be in the garden at the same time because someone has to mind the store.

Malphaim Hedzel: From Room 18, she will bring 2 or 3 brandles with her from Room 17 as guards/helpers.

Mysterious Picnic: This is a blanket spread with enough food for the party to have a delightful meal. There will be tea, fruit, and pastries. Even the sprites have no idea where the picnics come from.

Sprites: This will be 2-3 sprites from Area 56I. They prefer to stay invisible and observe the adventurers. They deal with disruptive persons by judicious use of sleep arrows. Sleeping adventurers will be deposited in Room 30, their faces painted like cats.

Stray Sods: The adventurers will experience a sense of disorientation and time loss. They will find themselves in one of the following places in the garden:

Just outside the double doors to Room 3
Just outside the double doors to Room 11
Just outside the double doors to Room 30
Just outside the double doors to Room 55

If the party has a member with true seeing or similar magical countermeasure, they can disregard the effect.

Tiny Unicorn: This is Cyrano the miniature brown unicorn.

Cyrano the Unicorn (AC 2; MV 18”; HD 2+1; hp 12; #AT 1 horn; D 1-6; SA Attacks as a 4 HD monster, surprise on a 1-5; SD Immune to poison, saves as MU6; Size S; XP 101)

He stands three feet at the shoulder and is outgoing rather than shy, curious about everything, and hungry as a starving bear. He will not leave the garden, but is likely to follow the party around, asking questions and making obvious comments.

TopiaryAnimals: This encounter will be with 1-4 antelope-sized and shaped topiary animals. These inoffensive creatures are skittish and flee from people, but if forced into melee they fight with sharp branches as if they were antlers.

Topiary Animals(AC 8; MV 15”; HD 1; #AT 1; D 1-2; SD Limited spell immunity; Size S; XP 10 + 1/hp)

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