Monday, February 17, 2014


3 PRIVATE ROOM. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but is not. The walls of rough stonework hold shelves. Someone has scrawled a crude pentagram on the floor in blue chalk. A bed is covered by dusty green and blue sheets and blankets. A footlocker is present. Two large dirt-streaked windows of plain glass are here.

The shelves hold dozens of wood carvings of bizarre fantastic creatures, having features of different animals with some also showing portions of human anatomy. If handled, they will bleed from tiny pin-sized holes, causing the holder's hands to become red. If taken from the room, they will catch fire and burn to ashes.

The center of the pentagram is stained brown with old, dried blood.

The footlocker holds three bottles of lamp oil, a silver pendant with an demonic face (220 gold crescent value) and an old tome marked with a blue pentagram on the cover. If the book is opened it will catch fire and the heavy choking black smoke released from its pages will coalesce into a strange amalgam creature (AC 6, HD 3+3, hp 16, xp 191). This creature has the torso of a woman, with red-spotted bat-like wings and leonine claws instead of hands. Instead of legs, her lower body terminates in a yellow serpentine tail marked with red spots. She may attack twice with her claws for 1-6/1-6 and it can lash out with its strong tail for 2-9 points of damage. She may also breathe fire only once, doing 8 points of damage (save for half) against everyone within 10” of her mouth.

Should she be destroyed she will turn into a small wooden statue like those found on the shelves.

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