Thursday, February 20, 2014


6 KILLER'S BOLT-HOLE. The door to this room is locked. Opening it will release a poisoned heavy crossbow trap (type A insinuative poison). The first person to open the door will be targeted as if by a fifth level assassin.

Within the room there is a bed, a black and yellow throw rug on a floor, and a small table.

The bed has red and blue striped sheets and is dusty. Under the bed is a locked iron box. This is trapped with a poison needle (type B insinuative poison). It contain 45 gold crescents, 16 silver spanners, 6 copper pieces, a small diamond (200 gold crescent value), and a potion of sweet water (glass vial of colorless liquid with pleasant taste).

The small table holds two candles and a stone idol of a fat coiled worm (no discernible value).

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