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56L LEPRECHAUN'S COTTAGE. This is a tiny house made of round smooth rocks fitted together expertly. The roof is made of straw and sticks and the whole structure stands about four feet high. This is the home of Jef the Leprechaun. 
Jef (AC 8; MV 15”; HD 2-5 hit points; hp 4; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Magic use; SD Never surprised; MR 80%; XP 84)

He appears as a caricature of what players will expect a leprechaun to look like. He is ancient with a long white beard and a single tooth. He wears a ridiculous green buckle hat and carries a homespun tan sack.

The first time the characters come this way, the DM may want to automatically allow them to encounter Jef. After that, there is a 10% chance (or DM discretion) that Jef will be home, instead of out “collecting". He will not try to steal from characters. He has another motive, instead. Jef wants to sell stuff to the characters.

Jef will be friendly, if irreverent, and will produce his sack. The first thing he will bring out of his sack is a table (obviously too big to fit in there). Then he will bring out his wares, each marked with a price tag. The cost is in gold crescents, but he will accept the equivalent sum in other gold coins. Jef knows what some of the items do, and will explain them, at DM discretion, although he will always make them seem more valuable than they really are. One item of each type is available, except as noted below. When the characters hand over their money, Jef will put it in his sack. Buyer beware. All sales final.

If the characters attack Jef or steal his sack, they will find that it appears to be empty. It is a magic sack that functions much like a bag of holding, although it only appears to work for Jef.

Jef's goods for sale:

Barry's Mnemonic Entrancer: A small yellow hard candy wrapped in a green piece of paper, tastes like butterscotch.
Benefit: If consumed by any spellcaster following the casting of a spell, he or she will be be able to coax the spell back into his or her brain and cast it again. If the spell requires material components, they must still be available. The instructions are on the wrapper.
Side effect/Drawback: None
Cost: 103 gold crescents

Eye-On Stones: These are a pair of white spherical rocks. A blue iris and black pupil have been painted on them, giving them the appearance of eyeballs.
Benefit: When one holds one of the eye-on stones up to their eye, and closes their other eye, they may see through the other eye-on stone.
Side effect/Drawback: None
Cost: 434 gold crescents

Foldable Leprechaun Hats: Sized to fit the head of an leprechaun, sprite, or infant human.
Benefit: None
Side effect/Drawback: None
Cost: 1 gp for a pack of a dozen, 5 packs are available

Fredrico's Familiar Finder: This is a small pink ball of some strange, rubbery substance. When compressed, it lets out a squeak.
Benefit: When used as a spell component in the magic-user's find familiar spell, it will eliminate the possibility of “no familiar available”. On a roll of 16-20, the magic-user may instead choose a familiar from the list or an alignment-specific special familiar.
Side effect/Drawback: Can only be used by a magic-user. The magic-user will have hyper-realsitic dreams that they are an animal running through the forest. Using the Familiar Finder in a spell destroys it.
Cost: 199 gold crescents

Granny's Gutbusters: These dumplings each weigh about 10 gp weight.
Benefit: Anyone who manages to swallow one of these greasy lumps does not have to eat for a week. The gutbuster provides all the nourishment necessary.
Side effect/Drawback: The taste and the constipation.
Cost: 1 gold crescent each, 7 are available

Hare Tonic: This vial of clear fluid is clearly labeled “Magic Revitalizing Juice” and “Baldness Cure!” It tastes like beet juice.
Benefit: The drinker will instantly gain a lot of hair.
Side effect/Drawback: This is because the drinker has now become an anthropomorphic hare. Class and race abilities will be unchanged, as will ability scores. It will take a remove curse to reverse it, assuming the character wants to.
Cost: 5 gold crescents

Horn of Bumbos: A trumpet fashioned from very thin aluminum.
Benefit: Usable by any class. Summons as a horn of Valhalla, but instead of fighters it summons 4-7 (d4+3) bumbos, which look just like blue-skinned leprechauns with bright orange hair

Bumbos (AC 7, MV 15”; HD 1; hp 5 each; #AT 1; D Tiny sword (as dagger, 50%) or tiny polearm (as hand axe, 50%); SA Berserk (+2 to hit or 2 attacks per round); Size S; XP 15 each).

They do not have the magical abilities of leprechauns. They will gladly fight for the horn's owner as if berserk, for up to 6 turns.
Side effect/Drawback: May be used once every seven days, but each time you blow it deforms the fragile horn somewhat. After sounding it the third time, it is crumpled and is useless.
Cost: 137 gold crescents

Mystery Meat Pie: There are six different but identical-appearing meat pies.
Benefit: Eating each one will cause a different effect.

Can now converse with goats, including giant goats, chimera, etc. This is a permanent new ability.
Very spicy, smoke pours out of the ears.
Heals 12 hit points of damage, or up to the character's maximum, if they have been injured.
+2 on to hit, damage, and all saving throws in next fight.
Turns hair white. If bald, gives white hair. If hair already white, turns it purple.
Can now perform comedic dance at professional level, may earn room, board, and a few coppers at inns, taverns, etc.

Cost: 7 gold crescents each, as stated above, 6 are available

Oaf Potion: This is a a green bubbly liquid in a Erlenmeyer flask with the taste of dirty water.
Benefit: It has the effect of a potion of growth and of hill giant strength. The potion lasts for the normal amount of time (5-8 turns).
Side effect/Drawback: When the potion wears off, the user's feet will stay hill giant-sized. This can be reversed with a remove curse or similar remedy that the DM allows.
Cost: 373 gold crescents

Ode to No Were: An oily sheet of parchment.
Benefit: This humorous poem is a potent cure for Lycanthropy. If read aloud in its entirety in front of were-creatures, it will reverse the condition of all within ear-shot. It takes a full turn to read the thing. After the last verse is finished, the writing disappears.
Side effect/Drawback: None.
Cost: 121 gold crescents

Picture Frame of Ikan Cee-yew: This pale blue wooden rectangle (11 inches by 7 inches) has a strange power. Whatever is viewed through it appears strangely exotic and intriguing. Thus, a woman will appear as a beautiful princess, a broken down nag will appear as a noble steed, and undead will appear as they were in life. Only one person can look through the frame at a time.
Benefit: The viewer saves against gaze attacks at +10. If no save is normally allowed, they may make a saving throw.
Side effect/Drawback: The drawback to this item is that the viewer is susceptible to monstrous powers and spells such as charm, suggestion, and similar magics such as the illusionist's hypnotic pattern and hypnotism. They make saving throws at -10. For elves, it will reduce 90% charm resistance to 20%. This only applies when the owner is viewing the caster or monster through the picture frame. It also does not protect from viewing a nymph.
Cost: 543 gold crescents

Vanishing Cream: A tub of thick white lotion.
Benefit: When smothered on an item, animal, person, etc. the vanishing cream will cause it to vanish for one full day, when it will reappear in the same spot where it was left. Note that it requires the cooperation of a animal or person to use the cream, as it must be applied over the whole body. If a person uses the cream on themselves, they can choose to vanish for any shorter period of time than the given one day, but the time must be verbalized as the cream is applied. There is enough cream for a man-sized creature to use it twice, or a gnome or halfling to use it five times.
Side effect/Drawback: The user and possessions will be transparent for another 2-5 hours after the vanishing wears off, although this will not alter the character's ability scores, class skills, attacks, etc. in any way.
Cost: 241 gold crescents

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