Tuesday, February 25, 2014


11 WEAPONMASTER'S BEDROOM. This room is occupied by an enormous rat the size of a dire wolf (AC 6, MV 12”, HD 3+3, hp 21, Size M, attacks with a bite for 2-8 hit points of damage and 10% chance of causing disease as giant rat, xp 169).

The room contains a bed, a wardrobe, three wooden casks, There are three windows which give a view of the first floor garden, if the shutters are opened.

The first cask is an intact cask of stale water. The second is an opened cask of salted pork, which has attracted the rat. The third contains wood shavings and a bone whistle (see NEW MAGIC ITEMS).

The wardrobe holds uniforms, a suit of leather armor, and a shield with a Triskelion design. A small unlocked wooden chest on the floor of the wardrobe holds files, whetstones, oils, and rags for cleaning weapons.

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