Sunday, February 2, 2014


56 THE ENCHANTED GARDEN.  The garden is a large special area with several separate portions as described below. It is an unroofed, open area, where the weather is always that of late spring and the sun is always shining as if at noon, no matter what the weather or time of day is like in the rest of the castle and the surrounding locale.

The pathway through the garden, colored white on the map, is actually made of flat white, pale blue, and dark purple stones. These are expertly fitted together so no seam or joint is identifiable.

The hedges are marked by the hatched areas on the map. They are massively overgrown with abundant yellow, white, and pink roses. Talking to the garden's inhabitants may reveal that the hedges were not always so overgrown.

A small platoon of gardeners was once employed to keep them more manageable. Since the fall of the castle, they have gone wild. They are infested with colorful birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

The grass is marked by the pale blue areas of the map. It is healthy and small statues of animals such as ducks, squirrels, and rabbits are present here and there. The ground is completely flat except at area 56H, the burial site.

The trees are mostly elm and oak. Thoughtful players will surmise that there must be extensive root networks to support such large plants, but the truth is that the trees have very shallow roots and thrive mostly because of the magical nature of the garden.

The entire garden will detect as magic if the spell is used. It is neither good nor evil. The magical weather extends up only about thirty feet, forming a bubble at this height. Anyone levitating, flying, or climbing above this height will suddenly be exposed to the true outside weather. It is quite possible to be rained on from the head up while the lower body enjoys the warmth of the garden.

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