Wednesday, June 28, 2017


25H ROCK AND ROLL. Upon being teleported from 25G, the adventurers will emerge in the circle marked start. The surroundings are not fake grass but cracked brick with overgrown jungle flora. In front of them is a small pedestal holding a golden idol of a grinning head with ruby eyes (15000 gold crescents). Behind them is a giant round boulder. If the idol is removed, the boulder will start to roll towards the adventurers and the exit teleporter hole at a speed of 15”. Any person hit by the boulder takes 2d20 damage.

There are many ways to avoid the boulder (such as tying a rope to the idol and then dragging it towards the hole, flying, etc.) Since the boulder is a sphere, the edges of the hall will be missed by it if a person crouches down. Any halfling or gnome will be completely unscathed. Dwarf or elf sized people will take 1d4 damage and man sized people 1d6 damage from grazing. Larger adventurers will not fit and take full damage.

The teleporter hole, about 125 feet from the start circle, leads to 25I.

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