Thursday, June 22, 2017


25B PAR 4 THE COURSE. The double doors from Room 25A open onto a long corridor about 20 feet wide by eighty feet long before there is a turn to the right. The floor is made of a firm green and very durable substance that feels like felt. Next the the doors is a weapons rack holding on club (resembling a putter) for each adventurer. Their names are engraved on the shaft.

These clubs are special and act in the following fashion based on character class:

Fighter, paladin, or ranger – act as two handed sword +1 for damage, etc.
Thief, assassin, bard, or monk (and small fighters, dwarf, halfling, gnome) – act as a broad sword +2
Cleric or druid – act as a footman's mace +2
Magic-user or illusionist – act as a wand of magic missiles, may shoot one magic missile per round
Multi-class – DM's choice

The clubs may used, even for characters for which that weapon is not normally allowed.

Behind the bend there is one ballboy for each adventurer.

Ballboys (AC 7; MV 12"; HD 2; hp 11 each; #AT 1; D Club; XP 42 each)

The ballboys look like humans with enormous white spherical heads, marked by small dimples. They have eyes and a mouth in the areas one would expect them. Their clubs also resemble putters, but do only club damage.

After the bend the corridor continues another sixty feet, where there is a five foot wide hole in the floor. This hole is as dark as a darkness spell and is actually a teleporter to the Room 25C. The first character to enter will get a score of 1. The second a 2, and so on. The character who finishes all the courses with the lowest score is the winner.

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