Sunday, June 18, 2017


24G ASK THE MOONFLOWER. The area twenty feet around the Moonflower is distorted by a hazy semi-opaque dome of shimmering light. When this is breached, it will always be nightime within the dome.

The Moonflower is a large (about eight foot high) white plant with a yellow crescent shaped human-sized head instead of a flower at the end of its stem. It has two large pale green leaves which take the place of hands and arms, and with which it can use to manipulate objects. The Moonflower prides itself on its knowledge and it will answer any question put to it if the asker agrees to be asked a question in return. The Moonflower will answer 1d4+1 questions per visit before getting bored.

The Moonflower is self-assured and egotistical. It has a vast knowledge but no desire to share unless it can gain information in return. If asked a question it will always give the best answer it can. Sometimes this will be cryptic or partial if the Moonflower does not know the answer. For example, if asked what the true name is of the most powerful type VI demon, the Moonflower might answer "That information can be found by tricking Wenzel the Arch-mage, who dwells in the Lonely Tower near the realm of Ab-Thuth the Bile Dragon."

When asking questions, the Moonflower usually starts out with something simple, such as "What is your name?" Although the Moonflower is true neutral it has a bit of a cruel streak and sometimes asks personal questions that it suspects will cause argument between party members if truths are exposed that might have better been left hidden.

The Moonflower (AC 4; HD 6; hp 30; #AT 0; D Nil; SD Immune to certain spells; MR 75%; XP -)

The Moonflower has the following powers, usable at will: detect lie, dispel magic, telepathy (as a demon), and know alignment. It is immune to spells that affect animals, monsters, or people, but can be affected by spells that target plants. If the Moonflower is attacked it will scream for help. 1d3 rounds later 2d4+2 needlemen (70%) or 1d2 treants (30%) will arrive to fight for it.

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