Monday, June 5, 2017


23I PEANUT GALLERY. This mini-museum holds dozens of paintings and objets d'art featuring peanuts as the subject of choice. Most are utter dreck, but two stand out.

The first is a stylized face made from actual peanuts on the west wall. It is friendly and wants to help. It will answer questions to the best of its ability but it is not particularly imaginative so it must be asked questions in detail. It has a fair to good knowledge of the Candy House and a very poor knowledge of everything else. The peanuts are stuck by sugar icing to the wall and trying to remove them will destroy it.

The second useful piece of art is a painting on the south wall signed by Patrizio. This magic painting depicts a bowl of peanuts. If a person touches the painting, their hand will go right into it and they can remove peanuts from the bowl, up to about five hundred or so per day. This painting can be easily removed from the wall and taken. It is worth at least 500 gold crescents as a curiosity.

The area in the hallway marked soggy area is a place where the crone spilled some potion. The floor has become weakened and there is a 50% chance per person walking on it that it will collapse and send them down to the ground floor in front of the door way to Room 23H, doing 1d6 damage.

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