Tuesday, June 20, 2017


25 FLAGBALL. This building looks like a faux keep (30 feet by 30 feet square base by 20 feet high) like one would see in an amusement park or tacky theme ride attraction. The keep has fake turrets, towers, and windows, but these are only superficial and not real. On the easternmost exposure there is a structure designed to look like a gatehouse and a huge double door. This is the only entrance, above it is a banner reading "FLAGBALL".

This structure is actually a bizarre series of courses, each floored by green felt and having various obstacles. As each course is finished, the Dungeon Master should keep track of who enters the hole at the end of the course. Assign numbers in the order that adventurers enter as they will be used to compute a score at the end.

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  1. LOL Guaranteed to drive the PCs nuts - save vs insanity or attack each other with the flagball bats!