Thursday, June 15, 2017


24D STATUE. This area holds a huge pedestal (about ten foot square by ten feet high) topped by a bronze statue of Orso Triskelion, the accomplished druid. The dotted area is a witherweed that has grown surrounding the pedestal.

Witherweed (AC 8; MV 0"; HD 4; hp 19; #AT 17 fronds; D Drain 1-4 points of dexterity; SA Seizure; SD Burning produces toxic smoke; XP 201)

The pedestal is hollow and there is a secret door on the south aspect leading to a small room. Within are four scrolls in wood tubes and a magic scimitar.

The first scroll holds the druid spells barkskin, cure disease, and protection from fire.

The second scroll holds the druid spell fire seeds.

The third is a a scroll of protection from all elementals.

The fourth scroll is a detailed study of plants of the foxglove family, and worth up to 500 gold crescents to an established druid or sage that specializes in flora.

The scimitar once belonged to Orso himself and is intelligent:

Kindle, Neutral scimitar +2 (Intelligence 15, Ego 11)
  • Find fresh water within 1 mile
  • heal 1/day
  • Detect evil/good in a 1” radius
  • Ignite once per day for one combat, acting as a flame tongue sword (+3 vs inflammable, cold-using, or avians and +4 vs undead)
  • Can speak the common language
  • Can speak with animals and plants

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