Tuesday, June 6, 2017


23J CONFECTIONARY. Three sugar goblins are here, making candies for their mistress under the watchful gaze of her henchman, the Chocolate Moose.

3 Sugar Goblins (AC 9; MV 6"; HD 1-1; hp 4 each; #AT 1; D Short sword; SD Half damage from weapons; XP 18 each)

The short swords carried by the sugar goblins are actually hard candy canes with pointy ends.

Chocolate Moose (AC 7; MV 18"; HD 6; hp 26; #AT 1 (2); D 2-12 (2-12); SA Can gore two opponents if they are directly in front; SD Half damage from weapons; XP 431)

The chocolate moose is a fearsome combatant and evil to the core. He can gore two opponents that are directly in front of him, like an Irish deer. He is made of super dense chocolate and malice and takes reduced damage from weapons like the sugar goblins, but he takes double damage from fire.

The Candy Crone keeps her collection of potions here. There are six potions of sweet water and two potions of delusion that she thinks are sweet water. None are labeled.

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