Thursday, June 1, 2017


23E LUSCIOUS LARDER. This room holds wall shelving made from fudge and toffee. Three tree gnomes are bound with thick and strong licorice strips.

Harley, Barley, and Farley (AC 8; MV 6”@12”; HD 1; hp 5 each; #AT 1; D By weapon; XP 15 each)

These gnomes will eventually be served as dinner to the Candy Crone if not let go. They are desperate to return to Area 26. They can promise a reward of 50 gold crescents for their safe return. They realize it is not much, but they are not wealthy.

While the shelves are made of toothsome treats, some of the shelf contents are quite gruesome. The shelves hold the following labeled items in clear bottles of various sizes.

  • Easily recognizable body parts from humans, tree gnomes, and halflings preserved in clear alcoholic syrup (many)
  • Butterfly wings
  • Cinnamon spider poison (if drunk, causes euphoria as a cinnamon spider bite)
  • Honey Badger spittle
  • Jellyfish guts
  • Lemon Shark teeth
  • Sugar glider eyes

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