Sunday, November 20, 2016


2 FOUL STATUE. This room features a man-sized statue of a gray worm, the same statue that Ormond Triskelion is shown with in the mural in Room 89 of Upper Dungeons Level Three of Castle Triskelion.

The statue holds a fragment of the consciousness of the Worm God. It will attempt to ensorcell adventurers who enter the room.

The attack will take the form of either a quest (30%) or a charm (70%). Roll separately for each adventurer. If there is only one intruder, the statue will always attempt to attack with a quest. The quest attack will take effect as if it was made by a 14th level cleric. Evil characters who fail their saving throw must found a new temple dedicated to the Worm God and will leave immediately. Neutral or good characters who fail their saving throw will come to believe the Worm God is actually a kind, beneficent deity. They will install themselves in this room as permanent guardians until this statue or the three daughters of the worm in Room 7 are destroyed.

The charm is akin to monstrous charm attack of creatures from the Monster Manual. This charm attack will cause the victim to turn lose their mind and attack his or her fellows. Saving throw negates. This charm will last for 1 turn.

The statue has no other capabilities. It is very durable but can be destroyed by exorcism, immersion in holy water, a mace of disruption, or any other means attempted by the adventurers which the Dungeon Master agrees is reasonable.

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