Thursday, November 3, 2016


87B FORECASTLE AND BOW. The forecastle holds the fore-mast, which is broken off about twelve feet up. The area in front of the forecastle (the beak) is about at the level of the main deck and holds the anchor, extra rope, and rigging. The bowsprit extends from here. In front of and below the beak is the figurehead, which is actually an animated wooden statue of a skeletal mermaid holding a bow and quiver of arrows.

Animated Statue (AC 5; MV 0” (moves with ship); HD 5; hp 22; #AT 1 arrow; D 2-8; SD All saving throws at +4, normal weapons inflict only half damage, magical weapons do full damage but without the magical bonus, weapons used to hit may snap; XP 280)

If the ship is approached front (a fairly unlikely scenario) she will defend it. Treat her as a caryatid column who is bolted to the ship and fires arrows instead of using a sword. The statue has the range of a long bow and has regenerating arrows, so she never runs out of ammunition. Her arrows travel normally underwater even though physics would indicate they should not. She obeys the ship's captain (so if Captain Bonebeard is defeated she will treat the person who defeated him as her new captain).

On the right bow is painted the name of the ship: “The Buzzard's Banquet”.

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