Saturday, November 19, 2016

Encounter Key: Lost Worm Temple

This location is marked on the map found in the Upper Dungeons Level 3, Room 95It is located within a barren region of crags, boulders, and gray sands about fifty miles northeast of Castle Triskelion. It is built into the side of a small mountain, the largest such landform in its vicinity.

The tunnels and rooms of the temple are decorated with a plaster-like or stucco-like gray substance pasted onto them. Spiral and circular designs have been worked into them, reminiscent of the Chapel of the Worm and environs in the dungeons below Castle Triskelion Levels 2 and 3. The tunnels are tube shaped, giving the feeling of walking through large blood vessels or paths created by giant worms.

This temple was extremely active in the past, though always as the base of a subversive and proscribed cult. With the persecution suffered by the Worm Cult under the period of the Jalluxian Emperors several centuries before the fall of Castle Triskelion, the temple was visited less and less often as the worshipers were systematically eliminated. It had not been visited for many years before the arrival of Ormond Triskelion, who was beguiled by its ancient and hidden mysteries. Even he did not delve deeply into its recesses and so the horror awaits a band who would plumb its riches.

Random encounter checks are not recommended for use in the temple.

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