Tuesday, November 15, 2016


87N MACHINIST'S WORKSHOP. The door to this room is trapped. It opens outward and trips a wire which causes a spiked lever arm to swing down from the ceiling of the room. The opener of the door must save vs paralyzation at -4 or be hit at belly level (for a man) for 2d6 damage.

Inside a dread skull pirate is gloating over some treasure he has in this room.

Cutty Dark, Chaotic Evil male dread skull Pirate Machinist (AC 7; MV 12”; F5; hp 30; #AT 1; D Scimitar; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 405)

Cutty has gone paranoid. He is sure that the other dread skulls are looking for him and want to steal his treasure. Actually they haven't even realized he has gone missing. He has made a necro-technological construct which he will command to help protect him and his treasures.

Parrot-bot (AC 4; MV 9”; HD 7; hp 41; #AT 1 claw; D 4-16; SA Squawk; SD Limited spell immunity; XP )

Parrot-bot looks like a giant parrot with key pieces replaced by metal. It is part machine, part undead giant parrot and is immune to sleep, charm, hold, and cold-based spells. It likes to say piratey things like 'pieces of eight' and 'shiver me timbers'. Once every other round it can emit a loud squawk which is similar to a dragonne's roar (weakness – lose 50% of strength - to all within 6” of the monster unless save vs paralyzation, deafen to all within 1” no save -1 on to hit rolls). The effects of the squawk last for 1d6+1 rounds. The parot-bot is powered by an iridescent spindel-shaped ioun stone which is embedded in its forehead.

The room is furnished with tools, oil, and sundry items that one would expect from an undead pirate machinist.

Cutty also has the following treasure:

1543 Jalluxian gold dragon coins
A necklace of sapphires (6500 gold crescent value)
Snorra's missing thieves' tools
Labeled potion of fish control (green, tastes like cod liver oil)
Mislabeled potion of good dragon control (labeled “potion of evil dragon control”, purple, tastes of salt water)

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