Saturday, January 25, 2014


48 SERVANTS' ROOM. The door is capable of being locked, but is not. It is the room where the men who worked for the innkeeper lived, acting as waiters and bouncers. The corpse of a man hangs by one foot where it has been tied to one of the wooden rafters. His hands has been crudely hacked from his body. If the room is entered a loud shrieking will be heard. This is coming from a shrieker, which is growing from the damp floorboards behind one of the three beds, about ten feet from the door.

Shrieker (AC 7; MV 1”; HD 3; hp 14; #AT 0; D Nil; SD Noise; XP 19)

The shrieker's scream will certainly be heard by nearby talon goblins who will investigate. If there are none left, the Dungeon Master should make a random encounters roll.

There are also three footlockers, which contain normal clothing. One also holds a small gray sack, which is actually a bag of holding (weight 15 pounds, weight limit 500 pounds, volume limit 70 cubic feet). The magical bag holds 3 gold crescents, 14 silver spanners and 17 copper pieces. There are two plain glass windows. The talon goblins believe the shrieker is the ghost of the mutilated man, and will not go in this room.

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