Thursday, January 16, 2014


39 PRIVATE DINING ROOM. Two long tables and twelve chairs once served patrons, while two of the chairs are now occupied by a pair of large talon goblins who are sharing a bottle of whiskey.

Talon Goblin 1 (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1; hp 8 (9 while intoxicated); #AT 1; D Scimitar; XP 18 (19 while intoxicated)) 3 gold crescents, 7 copper pieces

Talon Goblin 2 (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1; hp 7 (8 while intoxicated); #AT 1; D Long sword; XP 17 (18 while intoxicated)) 15 silver spanners, 18 copper pieces

These goblins are moderately intoxicated and thus will gain 1 extra hit point and attack at -1 on 'to hit' rolls, as well as improving their morale by 5%.

This was a more private area where select patrons could be served without being subject to the noise of the common room. The walls are paneled in attractive dark wood and the floors are light yellow wood. Two glass windows are in the east wall and two more are in the south wall wall while a fireplace is in the southeast corner.

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