Thursday, January 23, 2014


46 OFFICE. The door was once locked, but has been forced open causing damage to the wood. It is now wedged shut with a small piece of wood between the floor and the bottom of the door, but the wedge is easily dislodged. A crude white sign with red letters reads “Stay Out”.

This room was used by the innkeeper to keep track of his business matters. A desk and matching chair dominate the room. There are numerous crowded shelves. The room's walls are painted light blue and the floor is high quality wood. The door to Room 47 is slightly ajar and the stench of death comes from it.

If the characters search the room, the two zombies from Room 47 will come out and attack.

There are two drawers in the desk. One drawer contains a master key to the guest rooms in the inn and the individual keys to Rooms 44, 45, 51, and 53 (they are color coded to match the doors) and to Rooms 40 and 43 of the Second Floor (these are decorated with a lion and a wolf head, respectively). The next drawer holds a bag of cheap tobacco, a vial of black ink, and a dirty handkerchief. There is a false back to this drawer which contains the innkeeper's private stash, which he kept from his wife: a platinum and garnet necklace (worth 350 gold crescents), a bloodstone (50 gold crescents), a jade statue of a horse (100 gold crescents), 47 gold crescents, 22 silver spanners, a small decanter of fine gin (25 gold crescents), and a love letter from his mistress, a maid named Polanda who lived in the Inner Ward

The shelves contain ledgers, a dozen candles, six bottles of ink, and feather quills. A quick perusal of the ledgers will reveal the names of the innkeeper (Staltos Corvelli), his wife (Anmari Corvelli), and his staff (scullery maids: Alladora, Bianca, and Cloribella; chef: Tomas; waiters: Goldolfo, Cimi, and Stomander).

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