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41 SCULLERY MAIDS' ROOM. The door to this room is locked. The talon goblins avoid this room because it is the residence of Grumman, a buttery sprite.

Grumman, Buttery Sprite (AC 6 (2 while invisible); MV 9”; HD 1; hp 8; #AT 1; D 0 or 1; SA Attacks with elfshot as a 4 HD monster; SD Invisibility, immune to ingested poison; XP 88)

Note that Grumman spends most of his time invisible. He somewhat resembles other sprites physically but he has a long pointy noise and he always wears bright yellow clothes. He was responsible for making sure the innkeeper did not cheat his guests by giving them low quality food and drink. Grumman preferred to spend time with (and spy on) the scullery maids who used to live here (Alladora, Bianca, and Cloribella) instead of spending all of his time in the buttery.

The walls are painted pink and the floor is wood. There are two modest-sized windows, both of which are capable of being opened (Grumman is known to visit the sprites in the garden). There are three comfortable beds, two dressers, and three wardrobes. Although the scullery maids are long gone, Grumman maintains everything in a pristine state due to his affection and fond remembrance of them.

Each of the maids had a modest amount of jewelry, and three small locked jewelry boxes are present, one in each wardrobe:

Jewelry Box
3 pairs of silver earrings (worth 2 gold crescents for all 6); Silver and jade necklace (6 gold crescents); 13 silver spanners and 16 copper pieces
1 pair of gold earrings (3 gold crescents); 1 pair of silver earrings (6 silver spanners); Silver bracelet (2 gold crescents); Silver ring (1 gold crescent); 4 silver spanners and 12 copper pieces
1 pair of gold earrings (2 gold crescents); Silver bracelet (2 gold crescents); 1 gold crescent, 3 silver spanners, and 18 copper pieces

The wardrobes and dressers also contain rather mundane female clothes, along with a few nicer dresses for holidays.

If any party members handle any of these items, Grumman will warn them away in a very rude manner (while invisible) with his elfshot. Grumman tends to be much more tolerant of elves and gnomes than other races, and if there are any in the party, modify the reaction check accordingly.

Woe to any thieves, as Grumman will harass the defilers until bought off (he will require at least 200 gold crescents or a similar amount of jewelry or perhaps a magic item as well as a sincere apology) as well as the return of the items. As he has a weakness for alcohol, this too will earn his forgiveness. He will avoid confrontation that might end up with him being hurt. He prefers to use his invisibility, silent movement, and jumping ability to stay out of reach. He relies on his elfshot to warn and punish, if necessary.

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