Sunday, January 12, 2014


35 SCROLL STORAGE. This large dusty and rarely used room contains dozens of old wooden cabinets. Five large dust-smeared glass windows look south.

The cabinets contain thousands of scrolls. The scrolls are mostly concerned with mundane household matters, although several maps are present which describe the region surrounding the castle. Careful reading might allow characters to learn the different names of the Triskelion family members and other important people who lived in the castle.

The gralkin have hidden one of the footlockers from Room 34 in one of the cabinets and then forgot about it. It is not locked and contains 31 gold crescents, 76 silver spanners, 127 copper pieces, a wooden whistle, an alexandrite gem worth 150 gold crescents, a normal red felt hat, and a medallion of thought projection (looks like a bronze pendant disc on a bronze chain). The medallion has a 30' range.

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