Saturday, January 25, 2014


Ok, we had better resolve this fight. Time to roll for initiative again. The minotaurs roll a 2 and the centaurs roll a 6. Centaurs attack first.

C2 aims for M2 and hits once for 6 points, killing him
C3 aims for M7 and hits once for 6 points
C4 aims for M4 and hits once for 5 points
C6 aims for M4 and hits three times for 12 points, killing him
C7 aims for M3 and hits twice for 5 points

C8 aims for M3 and misses twice
C9 aims for M4 and hits twice for 7 points, but he is dead
C10 aims for M4 and hits once for 6 points, still dead
C11 aims for M2 and hits once for 1 point, but M2 is already dead

C13 aims for M2 and hits once for 2 points, but M2 is still dead
C14 aims for M7 and hits 3 times for 14 points, killing him

Only minotaur 3 is still alive and he gets to roll to hit to finish the round before having to roll for morale. He aims for C14 and hits once with the head butt for 6 points, killing centaur 14.

Now minotaur 3 has to make a morale check. Also it looks like I goofed earlier, the minotaurs should have had to check morale earlier when they lost 25% of their numbers. Anyway, the minotaur has 78% morale. There is a +15% modifier for losing 50% or more of the forces, -40% for 4 enemies slain, +60% for 6 friends slain, and +20% for outnumbered by more than 3 to 1. That is a +55% modifier to the roll. I roll a 8 + 55 = 63%. Damn thats a stone cold minotaur who makes his morale save.

New round. Minotaur rolls a 2 and beats the centaurs who roll a 1. The minotaur aims for centaur 3 and hits twice for 13 points, not enough to kill him.

The centaurs attack. Looking at page 69 of the DMG, only 6 L sized creatures can attack another L sized creature at one time. Lets randomly determine which centaurs get their hits in:

C2 hits once for 4 points
C6 hits once for 1 point
C7 hits twice for 7 points
C8 hits once for 1 point
C10 hits once for 5 points
C13 hits three times for 21 points, killing the minotaur.

Battle over. The centaurs return to their grassy glen to sing songs of their battle and mourn their dead.

In this battle, I realized that fights with large numbers of monsters takes a lot of work. The centaurs seem to have gotten the better of the minotaurs based on their large numbers of attacks, event though there were many misses and 1s rolled for damage. The centaur lances were really a difference maker, even if the centaur leaders were not the toughest hit point-wise.

Next time I am thinking chimera vs hydra or pyrohydra. If there are any battles that you would like to see, please comment, email me, or message at knights-and-knaves.

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